What is a realistic interest rate on a car loan?

With a credit score higher than 780, you'll have the best chance of getting a rate lower than 4% for new cars 3 days ago. Interest rates change all the time. However, the average interest rate on a car loan for people with bad credit has been 14.39%. Currently, the best car loan rates for new vehicles are slightly above 2%.

Lenders compete with each other by offering low interest rates to those they consider reliable borrowers. Along with a house, your car is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you'll ever make. If you're on a tight budget, a lower monthly bill is an attractive option, but it means more monthly payments and a higher real price for the car. While the best new car loan rates can sometimes be lower, you're likely to receive a competitive APR.

Compare prices with several lenders, including banks and credit unions, and compare interest rates on car loans. It may be a better idea to buy a separate vehicle service contract a little later if you want to save money and keep your car protected. While this may not lower the interest rate on your loan, it will mean that you'll pay off your loan sooner and have to pay less interest. To give you an idea of the average car loan rates you can expect based on your credit score, check out the table below.

On the other hand, people with good credit scores find lower interest rates because lenders see them as good candidates to repay loans. It's always a good idea to do some comparisons to find the best car loan rates, and thus save time with MyAutoloan. However, aside from accrued additional interest, lenders may charge higher interest rates for longer-term loans. These are still some of the best car loan rates compared to other lenders for buying new and used vehicles.

Currently, Penfed Credit Union has the best used car loan rates overall, while MyAutoloan has the best used car loan rates available. If your overall goal is to save money, you might consider buying a certified used or used car instead of a new one. If you want to pay the best price for the car and get out of debt faster, you'll have to manage a substantial monthly payment.

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