Canada's Only Indigenous Auto Dealer

Canada's Only Indigenous Auto Dealer

Canada's only Indigenous Auto Dealer is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and proudly owned by First Nation Keith Wilson. First Nation Auto Inc. supplies vehicles in Manitoba to all customers who want vehicles, but specializes in supplying the First Nation market. 

Many Auto Dealers across the nation have realized that the First Nation market is one of the largest growing markets and they are advertising and working hard to get business from First Nation citizens. Keith is not new to this arena and has been supplying this market for over 30 years. 

First Nation Auto Inc. has been servicing our communities for years and Keith Wilson starts off with his friendly consultation in helping you identify your vehicle needs, do you want a new or used vehicle and helps you to identify the model that would best suit you. 

He works with all clients to identify your vehicle first, then he goes to work to find that vehicle for you. Keith has developed a number of relationships with Auto Dealers in Manitoba and he can find you any vehicle, new or used. First Nation Auto Inc. has an established reputation with Auto Financers who have very flexible approvals and payment plans, so he can find you the lender. 

Another specialty Keith has with his clients is the delivery of the vehicle to the First Nation community, the purchase is exempt from Provincial and Federal taxes when it is delivered. This is a right the all First Nation citizens have, they are exempt from Provincial Taxes at the point of purchase, and are exempt for both taxes when the goods are delivered to the community. 

First Nation Auto Inc. is featured as one of our top dealers on First Nation Auto as one of our primary First Nation Auto Dealers. We feature Auto Dealers that have a great connection to our community and are First Nation friendly, meaning that they recognize our inherent rights to Tax Exemption, and have provided superior customer service.

First Nation Auto Finder also features a Social Connection where First Nation citizens can post their cars or trucks for sale and any auto-related products. The site is set up to promote Inter-Tribal Trade opportunities. Many First Nations would be proud to participate in this traditional area of trade, we survived on Inter-Tribal before contact. 

Inter-Tribal Trade is a means of supporting each other, being proud of it and connecting with our people from other communities. If you know anyone that sells custom, hand-made products that could be an Auto Accessory, they can upload  a photo and have it for sale on our site. 

Check out First Nation Auto Finder today. 

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